Going home or staying on campus for Thanksgiving

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away? No? Either can we! Whether you are going home for the weekend or staying on campus this Thanksgiving, one thing is for certain—this holiday break cannot come soon enough! Here are some helpful hints on how to spend your time this Thanksgiving.

Going home for Thanksgiving break?

  • Pack for your trip – make sure you take the time to prep for your trip by packing anything from your dorm room that you will want to have access to when you are back at home for the holiday break.
  • Say your goodbyes – wish your dorm mates, school mates and friends a happy holiday as you make your way off campus. Don’t forget to stop by your awesome R.A for a friendly farewell.
  • Catch up with your family and friends – you will likely be spending a lot of time with your family while you’re home for the holiday, so it’s best if you try to enjoy it! If you have any friends home for their break, see if you can arrange some time to hangout and catch up on all you’ve missed. 

Staying on campus for Thanksgiving break?

For the ones who just want to relax:

  • Enjoy some entertainment – now is a great time to catch up on some of your favorite shows. Or, you could always try watching something new! There are also tons of awesome holiday movies to choose from.
  • Practice some self-care – treat yourself to something special that will make you feel wonderful. Maybe there’s a good deal on a massage or facial at a spa in town. 
  • Try some Rest & Relaxation – If you’re burnt out from all the studying you’ve been doing, now is the perfect time to catch up on some much needed sleep

For the ones who want to celebrate:

  • Celebrate Friendsgiving – just because you’re not home does not mean Thanksgiving needs to go on the back burner. You can always plan a Friendsgiving celebration in your dorm. Or, if someone else is hosting one, ask to be invited!

For the ones who want to stay busy:

  • Refresh yourself academically – if you are a little lost in any of your classes, now is a good time re-read or re-review your notes.
  • Get ahead academically – if you have some assignments that you know are due after break is over, you can make life easier for yourself by getting those tasks either started or completed during your holiday break.
  • Give back to the community – if you want to, you can find some volunteer work to be done. Volunteering at a food drive or a soup kitchen to help those in need is a great way to give back to the community this Thanksgiving.

No matter how you spend your Thanksgiving this year, remember one important thing—pumpkin pie tastes amazing no matter where you are. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!