Transitioning into College Life

We are merely weeks away from the start of the new school year! New friends, classes, opportunities, and adventures await you! Before we dive in, let’s discuss the transition into college life. Simply and bluntly put, it will be overwhelming. Don’t fret! Here are a few tips to help you get your bearings straight. 

  • Subvert your expectations. College (and in life in general) will throw you many curveballs. Find solutions to the problem instead of trying to course correct. No path will be the same.
  • You’re going to experience a whole new level of freedom. Learn to establish new routines and to set boundaries for yourself, so you don’t lose focus. 
  • Utilize campus resources, whether it’s for academia, or for your health (physical and mental health included). 
  • Connect with peers. College is about opportunities, and they’ll only come if you go and open the door. 
  • Connect with your roots. Your life will be busy, so don’t forget to make the time to say hi to your friends and family back home. No, a “like” on Instagram is not enough. 

Make college your experience, not anyone else’s.