Friday, August 8, 2014

3 Do's & Don'ts Of College

With college around the corner... 

There are many opinions on what to buy, what the best practices are to follow while away, who you should connect with when you get there and the list goes on and on. In the spirit of helping you set the right tone for your college experience, below are a few helpful habits you should consider and which ones to avoid while away at college. 

3 Do's...

  1. Start your papers early. Research and writing your papers takes time. Usually allocating one to two weeks prior to the due date will help give you enough time to properly write a good paper. 
  2. Set a schedule for yourself, between classes, studying and time with your friends you'll have a lot of juggling to do and no one to remind you of your responsibilities. Allocating time will help avoid last minute cram sessions and/or projects that you may have forgotten about. 
  3. If you get stuck on an assignment request examples of old exams and/or projects from your professors. 

3 Don'ts...

  1. Don't get in the habit of skipping classes. 
  2. Try no to cram all of your studying the night before an exam or when a project is due. You'll most likely make more mistakes or forget what your trying to retain.  
  3. Don't skip on editing or having a buddy proofread your work.

Hope that gives you a bit of a head start with the following months to come! 

Good luck,


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Friday, August 1, 2014

Before You Go, Get To Know Your College!

Though orientation week may have helped you get to know your college campus a tad better, you may still be in the dark about a few things.  For some of you, college begins at move-in day, for others of you (because you're sticking local) it's the the first day of class. Which ever it may be, the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone can be daunting.  

So... Before you spiral into a panic attack, be sure to take a breather and/or stop, drop, and roll with these 5 tips on how to familiarize yourself with your college before you get there:

#1: Check out your colleges social clubs!
Look up your college's social clubs and if any of them stand out or appeal to you, you can always call and/or email a member to find out more about their program or social functions at the school. Getting to know the members before you get to college will clear the path to making friends once you get there! 

#2: Join your colleges Facebook group!
Get to know your peers before you get to college by joining the college's fan page and Facebook group. 

#3: Research your college's sports stats & line ups!
Whether it's through your college directly, ESPN, Fox Sports or some major network that provides the details following your college's sports teams is a great way to familiarize yourself with where your college stands in the sports arena as well as a great conversation starter when meeting new people. 

#4: Identify what college events & parties you should attend!
Similar to the social clubs that your college offers, there are activity boards that will list up coming celebrations and/or events that are worth attending. 

#5: Start reading your college online publication articles!
Even if you aren't much of a reader subscribing to your college's publication (student paper) or taking a looking at the campus guide will give you more insight into your college's voice/tone with its students and what the noteworthy events are. 

Good luck,


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Friday, July 25, 2014

What Makes Uber The Right Ride?

The better question may be, do you know what Uber is? Or better yet, have you tried it yet?  

If you've answered no to either of those two questions, you're in the right spot!  Uber, in a nut shell is a car service company that you can hail at any time (just like a cab) by simply tapping on your phone. All you have to do is download their app, enter your details and debit or credit card,  apply your credit, and you can request a ride at any time. 

The true difference between choosing to ride with Uber over a taxi or car service is the experience.  Rather than calling a service, giving them your details and waiting around 10-30 minutes, Uber's app is able to pin point your location and find someone who provides rides within your area within minutes.  Goodbye horrid smelling taxi's and driving with people who can barely speak english and hello friendly locals who want to help you get to your desired location!  The best part is there is no money exchanged and no tip is required as it's already included. 

All in all, Uber makes the experience of requesting a ride reliable at a reasonable price a friendly experience! What more could a college student hope for? hahaaaa

Check out and begin using Uber today! 



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